Interview with Friends of Hudson River Park

December 15, 2010

I emailed Galin Brooks from Friends of Hudson River Park with a few short questions about the park and the organization. Much of what she said also dealt with the Hudson River Park Trust.

. Where does your revenue come from?
Our revenue comes primarily from individual donors but also from foundations and some local government funding. The Hudson River Park Trust’s revenue comes from the City and State.

. What are you and other organizations planning on doing with pier 40?
Pier 40 must be at least 50% open space according to the Hudson River Park Trust Act of 1998. As far as I am aware, there are no current plans for any new development. It is a designated commercial node within the park so at some point in the future it’s re-use is likely to be considered.

. Are there any laws that need to change for progress on pier 40?
I do not believe so. The major impediments to development seem to be local community support for proposals and the short-term lease that is being offered.

. Is anything going to happen at Gansevoort Peninsula? (13th Ave directly south of Chelsea Piers).
Yes, the Department of Sanitation is expected to vacate the site.

. Is all of your staff paid?
We have five full time staff people and two part-time interns who volunteer.

. Are you part of any committee?
I am not.

. What is the biggest future challenge concerning development?
Funding and current uses moving off of the sites that they currently occupy.


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