Rivers Alive Non- Profit organization

December 7, 2010

Rivers Alive! is the outgrowth of the collaboration between Al Landzberg, a sculptor, and Anthony Walmsley, a landscape architect. Landzberg’s model for a previous interactive environmental artwork, “Sky River”, was exhibited in White Plains, NY and Bronxville, NY in 2005-06 and reviewed in the New York Times. Like Rivers Alive! it was focused on the intersection of the water and the sky. Clean-up of the Hudson River and adjoining waterways has driven a great interest in the rivers and provided a compelling reason for interactive environmental artwork that could provide direct public access to the water.


– To provide full public access to the waters of the East River on Pier 13 at Wall Street.

– To create a center for active waterfront recreation and education on Pier 13 for residents, workers, and visitors.

– To elevate the history of Lower Manhattan with a site- specific artwork that evokes its majestic suspension

bridges, glorious skyscrapers and regal tall ships.

Rivers Alive is working with Community Board#1, the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development to advance the Rivers Alive! project. The support of people from all walks of life in Lower Manhattan, as well as community groups is required for a start on the road to recognition, acceptance, advocacy and realization. Various fund raising alternatives will be explored in order to find a way to realize the mission. Current efforts are focused on establishing partnerships with existing Not-For-Profits and finding corporate sponsors.

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