Leila and Lilah go to Proteus Gowanus (not as exciting as last time, but still cool)

December 6, 2010

“Proteus Gowanus works collaboratively with artists, writers, workers and other disciplines a d non profits to develop exhibits. Programs and publications that link the arts to other disciplines and to the community.”


This small gallery and workspace is newly a non profit (as of two weeks ago).  It is housed in an old box factory on Union and Nevins street in Brooklyn. The owners collaborated with various other collectives (the fixers collective is one of them!) to create a space for showcasing local artists works and harboring a library of out of print books. They also have a permanint show about the Gowanus Canal and its history.

The Hall of the Gowanus, a mini-museum and gallery of art, artifacts, maps, documents and books, acknowledges our post-industrial neighbor and namesake: the Gowanus Canal. As the site of the Revolutionary Battle of Brooklyn, the locus of vital 19th century industry and water commerce, and inspiration and setting for present-day artists, writers and small businesses, this polluted waterway has played a central role in the colorful history of Brooklyn.


Here are some photos from Proteus Gowanus’ permanent exhibition.

a narrative along the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn. Sketches and studies by Micheal Koehler

Map comparisons from 1784 to 1924

Timeline of industrial construction along the Gowanus Canal

they also have an observatory room that is run by a group of seven artists and bloggers the current exhibition in that room was about The Arctic Plants of New York.An exhibition by artist and writer James Walsh. He was wondering if there are any arctic plants in NYC and this instillation is pressed and mounted specimens of Red Sorrel, Shepperd’s Purse and Mugwort, and Storksbill.

The plants were beautifully displayed on the walls



An interview with its founder soon to come!


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