Book Review

December 4, 2010

While in San Francisco over the Thanksgiving break I was able to pick up this book called “Up River : Man-made Sites of Interest on the Hudson from the Battery to Tory”. The title is pretty self explanatory and thus is is a great coffee table book, or bathroom read (if you get down like that).  Up River contains photos and descriptions of  the human, industrial and environmental history of the Hudson River in a very  easy and readable format.  Each site has a page of text, describing the location’s history and significance and a full page arial photo across from it.  All of the field trip destinations, revolutionary war site and geographic discussion topics that our class has touched upon are in here.  I like this book a lot because the writing is informative and simple enough that I am able to get a quick historic and present day picture of the land use in specific site along the river, without having to read more than a page.  Like I said, it is a good book to keep lying around because whenever I have a minute I can just pick it up and learn something.  Overall, this book shows the profound impact of humans on the landscape along the Hudson.  A range of sites are described and photographed including rock quarries, aqueducts, bridges, landfills, powers stations, and former industrial or military sites that have changed in appearance significantly.  This book offers the full picture.  Highly recommended




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