Final Project Proposal

December 1, 2010

Every year New York City hosts action sports marathons that are held on the water. I chose four very important inspirational events, which includes, The Mayors Cup, The manhattan Swim, The Liberty Challenge, and The Paddle Board Race. While each of these events consist of hard work, determination, and skill, there are still many dangerous factors when involving the waters of the hudson. Combining water from the Long Island Sound, the Harlem River and the East River to create standing waves, whirlpools and very confused water. The East River’s currents can move as quickly as 7 knots.Where water from the Hudson, East River and Buttermilk Channel converge can produce waters with a 3 to 6 foot chop and tons of refracting waves. At this point in the races the currents are running against the individual.

The Mayor’s Cup New York City Kayak Championship is New York City’s marathon by water. This 28 mile marathon paddling race, around Manhattan Island, is made up of elite paddlers as well as enthusiast paddlers.

The NYC swim race starts and finishes at South Cove in Battery Park City on the Hudson River. Swimmers begin at South Cove, navigate around the Battery then head north up the East River, counter-clockwise around Manhattan Island. They swim north into the Harlem River, through Spuyten Duyvil, and then south down the Hudson River to the Battery.

The New York City, Outrigger Liberty Challenge is held in the summer, and is one of the largest sporting events in New York Harbor and one of the premier outrigger canoe races in the world, the day long competition hosts hundreds of international paddlers.

The New York City Paddle board is an  Environmental Alliance fundraiser for autism, a 28 mile paddle board race around Manhattan which takes place in August.


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