The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance + Friends of Hunter’s Point South

November 22, 2010

The Friends of Hunter’s Point South is a partner of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, which is a non profit organization that influences the development of waterfront, shoreline, and connected areas of the Hudson River upland of New York City.  The Metro Waterfront Alliance was started as a project by the Municipal Art Society in 2000, and emerged as an independent nonprofit in 2007.  It exists as a medium for unifying over 400 voices of the individual nonprofits that make up the alliance.

The mission statement of the Metro Waterfront Alliance states that it works “to transform the New York and New Jersey Harbor and Waterways to make them cleaner and more accessible, a vibrant place to play, learn and work with great parks, great jobs and great transportation for all.”  In short, they want to make sure that the waterfront is not blocked by highways and railings, and that what access exists presently and in the future isn’t exclusive to residents of luxury waterfront condos.

The Friends of Hunter’s Point South was founded this year as a community based volunteer group focused on making sure that future planned developments such as those outlined in Vision 2020 are carried out responsibly and in a way that enhances the access to open spaces along the waterfront.

Everyone should go sign their petition here to support their cause.

(They only have 19 signatures so far and it literally takes less than 90 seconds. Get on it!)

Waterfront Alliance

This is going to be a school!

This is going to be a school!


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