project proposal

November 22, 2010

For my project I plan on talking and interviewing the man that plans on designing a river in Beacon, New York. I remember Rob bringing up his name in one of the first few classes. I don’t have a lot more to write because I need to find his name before I can google and contact him to see what his project is all about. I just remember being extremely intrigued when I heard about the project. If this isn’t a good project I could also explore the ‘future of Bannerman’s Island and castle’.


One Response to “project proposal”

  1. robbuc said

    i think that sounds great. the guys’ name is george trakas. the park is apparently almost ready to open–if he agrees to talk, you should go up there and see the place. trakas also did the newtown creek nature walk, which we visited on field trip #1, and an analysis of that project should be part of your discussion, along with any other relevant or comparable waterfront parks (something tells me he has a role in radio transmitter park in greenpoint, but i could be wrong). i don’t have an email or phone for trakas, but if you can’t get ahold of him let me know and i’ll see what i can find.

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