Final Proposal

November 22, 2010

For my final I would like to focus on the Hudson River Park, which I became interested in after my last organization post. The park has many parts and different groups that look over it. I would like to come in contact with somebody from the Hudson River Park Trust or the Friends of Hudson River Park. The park would be awesome to explore and research and I think is a good choice considering it is still under construction. The park stretches miles down the west side of Manhattan and is open to the public. I would like to research the economy of the park and these groups and also any issues surrounding the park. There are also many businesses on the park that I would like to find out how they are incorporated or not, like Chelsea Piers.


One Response to “Final Proposal”

  1. robbuc said

    sounds good. i would suggest focusing this on the central dilemma of the park, which is also the central dilemma of other new waterfront parks (ie, governors island and brooklyn bridge park): how to make the park pay for itself. before talking to anybody, you need to read up on the creation of the park and understand its structure as a hybrid city-state agency. there’s a lot of information available on that on park’s own website. then you need to get a bit of background on park’s current financial challenges–maybe the best place for that is in the pages of the villager, the free local newspaper (it’s archived online). once you’ve done that you can start making emails and calls. a good person to start with is aj pietrantone, the chair of the advisory board. but i think you should also talk to the district manager of community board two, and others. anyway, read up on the history of the place, get me a revised proposal early next week, and then i’ll get you some more names.

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