final project proposal

November 22, 2010

Final Project Proposal: Raising of the Bayonne Bridge

For my final project I would like to research the raising of the Bayonne Bridge. Currently the span of the bridge makes it impossible for larger container ships to pass under its 151 ft clearance. I will research all of the current options for the bridge as well as the pros/cons on the environment and economy. After reviewing all the options I will come up with my own potential solution to the issue. I also would like to visit the site, interview people and take photos to put into my presentation.



One Response to “final project proposal”

  1. robbuc said

    sounds promising. there is a group called the maritime association that promotes the economic growth of the harbor. they might be a good source of information on what kinds of new ships we can expect, projected growth in cargo, etc. the port authority recently announced that they were going to provide $1 billion in funding for the bayonne bridge project, so they probably also have a lot of similar material available. i’d also check back issues of the staten island advance and the bayonne paper (if there is one) to see what the local communities have to say. as far as seeing the place goes, you can take the path train to jersey city and then the jersey light rail to bayonne. on the other side of the coin, you should seek out some staten island environmental groups and also take a look at the handout steve stanne gave the class on monday. there’s a study in there about dredging on the upper hudson that, if you read it carefully, might also have some application to the harbor. and dredging is the other half of this project–they want to raise the bridge, yes, but they also will need to dredge. what does that do to the ecological function of the harbor, and what happens with the dredge spoils?

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