Project Proposal.

November 21, 2010

I would like to be looking at the numerous decaying and abandoned/neglected piers and waterfront sites on the Brooklyn shoreline starting at the northern boundary for Red Hook and Ending at 66th street where the Belt Parkway begins. If possible i will look into the history of these sites and what their industrial past was. I will be documenting their current state through mapping, drawing, and photography to compile these into a either a book or maybe a stop motion animation (I’m not fully sure of the final form/presentation yet). I am interested in coming up with plans for their potential use, both in efforts of rehabilitation of water and land (increasing greens space/natural restoration), and as public access areas to increase waterfront recreation and small boat use of the waterways.

(too much?)



One Response to “Project Proposal.”

  1. robbuc said

    maybe too much but still a good idea that you should pursue. i like the photography/stop motion aspect and think it can be the main part of your project. but i think you should also include some analysis or review of current proposals in traditional form (that is, in writing). for that, the two main documents you should look at are the draft cwp (comprehesive waterfront plan, available on the city dept of planning website) and the draft green infrastructure plan, available on the city dep website. those two things should give you a pretty good overview of what’s been proposed or is being argued about. i also think it would be worth a visit or phone call to the district managers of the community districts within which this waterfront lies, cb 6 (i think) in redhook and also the community board in sunset park. those guys are almost always willing to talk, and they know a ton about each specific site. good luck, should be fun to do on a bike!

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