Non-profit: Plant a Fish

November 21, 2010

Plant A Fish is a new non-profit based in New York City that was inspired by recent restoration projects, including the replanting of trees in urban areas like the MillionTreesNYC program. The founder, Fabien Cousteau, is a third-generation marine environmentalist. His primary goal is to protect and restore marine ecosystems around the world, including here in the New York Harbor. One of Plant A Fish’s initial programs is an oyster restoration program in the Hudson to restore the once plentiful oyster reef. Their partners include The New York Harbor School, National Marine Sanctuaries, City Aquarium, Islands First, and See Turtles, among others. Another program that Cousteau has launched this year is to “plant” one billion sea turtle eggs in a mangrove in El Salvador to restore the population because the Pacific hawksbill turtles are the most endangered turtles species worldwide. Two more current programs exist, a coral restoration project and a mangrove restoration project. Both ecosystems are extremely diverse and serve as nurseries for many species and both are being destroyed at an astonishing rate. Plant A Fish’s mission statement says that they hope to educate local communities around the world and encourage them to engage in stewardship of marine habitats. Their main focuses are energy, waste, biodiversity, conservation, and restoration. Cousteau, his sister, his father, and his grandfather are all film makers and skilled scuba divers. The Board of Trustees include Cousteau, his sister Celine, Wallace Nichols, Edward Toptani, Lisa Witter, Kyle Cahill, and Tom Ruhe. The Advisory Council has 14 members. On the donation page, he has a break-down of what your donation could buy. He suggests that a $25 donation could restore 50 oysters into the New York Harbor and $100 would “plant” one turtle a year for life. Interesting way to think about money… I think this is an effective marketing approach. I will be interested to watch this non-profit grow, I think it has a lot of potential.


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