Final Project Proposal: Vision 2020

November 21, 2010

For my final project I would like to explore Vision 2020, a comprehensive plan for over 500 miles of NYC’s waterfront, defined as New York Harbor and its tributaries, creeks and bays. I would like to research past waterfront planning and outline the initiatives planned for Vision 2020 through a serious of photographic explorations outlining the data as well as current and future changes of the prospective sites. In an effort to further explore Vision 2020, I would also like to analyze the 1992 Comprehensive Waterfront Plan that Vision 2020 builds on as well as the activity on the waterfront in regards to this plan of the past 18 years through the composition of information graphics that would show the changes and reforms that have been made to the plan to create Vision 2020.


One Response to “Final Project Proposal: Vision 2020”

  1. robbuc said

    this is a pretty big topic, so i think you might want to find ways to narrow it a bit. one thing that would be good to do would be to poll various ‘stakeholder’ groups to see how they feel about the current project–does it have a pro-development or pro-business slant, does it allow for enough public input, are there issues it’s ignoring or downplaying, etc.? who are those groups? one way to find that out would be to read the minutes of the public meetings that have been held this fall, or newspaper or blog accounts of them (some coverage in the times, but probably more at the local level). also, there’s an event next tuesday i think you should really try to go to, since it will be the venue for the official ‘unveiling’ of the cwp. it’s the annual conference of the metropolitan waterfront alliance–see their website for details, and write them to ask if they will let you attend as an observer.

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