Final Proposal: Oysters

November 21, 2010

I would like to look into current and recent oyster restoration projects and the organizations involved throughout the harbor. I would like to focus mostly on the ecology of oyster reefs in the harbor, but would like to at least introduce policies involving oyster restoration. I think it would be too much to look too far into the history of oysters in the harbor, but will mention important pieces as evidence of their ecological significance. I would also like to research the different species that inhabit oyster reefs within the harbor. My thought is a powerpoint presentation? I would also like to do some interviews, possibly from The River Project, the NY/NJ Baykeeper, and The Harbor School.


One Response to “Final Proposal: Oysters”

  1. robbuc said

    ok, let’s start with a list of current issues and also of people you should try to talk to. the biggest story right now, obviously, is the decision of the new jersey dep to remove all ‘research’ oysters from new jersey waters. why did that happen, what are the consequences both for water quality and scientific research, and how are affected groups planning to fight back? you should certainly talk to the people you know at the river project about this, but you also need to talk to people on the jersey side. do you know meredith comi at baykeeper? she should probably be the first person you talk to. and pete malinowski at harbor school would be good as well. in short, my advice would be to start with a discussion of the nj decision and then see where it takes you. let me know what you’ve got in an email early next week. rob

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