Final project proposal

November 21, 2010

Storm Surge Barriers

New York is considered to be one of the most vulnerable cities to be exposed to coastal flooding this century.

By the 2070s, the total population at risk could grow to around 150 million people worldwide, in my final project I will discuss the combined effects of climate change (sea level rise and increased storminess), subsidence, population growth and urbanisation in detail, and what attempts have been made to protect the coastline.

Not only will the metropolitan area of New York City be affected by sea level rise over the coming century, it is already at risk of flooding from catastrophic storms. Port facilities, major transportation infrastructure, coastal communities, and high rise commercial and residential real estate are all subject to the effects of extreme winds and flooding, and the flood risk will only increase in the future as sea levels rise due to the effects of global climate change.

I will present the final project in report format, the report will include various visuals to make the project clear and informative.


One Response to “Final project proposal”

  1. robbuc said

    sounds interesting but the key will be to provide as much local detail as you can, and the key to that will be to actually talk (as opposed to researching online) to the people who are advocating for and against storm surge barriers. do you know who they are? i’d start with a guy named robert trentlyon. he’s a member of cb 4 in manhattan, so close by, and i’m sure would make the time to talk to you. some details on him and the groups he’s convinced to vote for this thing here:

    i also think you will want to look at the forthcoming comprehensive waterfront plan because it is probably going to take some kind of position on the barriers. that’s put out by city planning and you should study the draft version of it (available online) and then email michael marrella (who’s coordinating the final version) and see if you can get him to comment.

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