Hudson River Watertrail Association

November 15, 2010

In 1992, a group of volunteers banned together with the specific goal of building a river trail from the Atlantic Ocean to Canada by promoting a low impact approach to the river; thus, the Hudson River Watertrail Association was born. The HRWA realized that the river was particularly difficult for small car-top boaters to either access or actively use for a multi-day trip on the river. They decided to develop a water trail that would accommodate such features. Starting from the mouth of the Hudson to the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway, the water trail provides overnight facilities every 10-12 miles. It is designed for limit range boats, but paddlers have use of many of the facilities as well.

Among establishing this water trail, the Hudson River Waterfront Association aims to conserve the beauty of the river by promoting recreational access to it, so that the public may also be able to appreciate its natural beauty.

The Hudson River Water Trail Guide is currently in its 6th edition and is the definitive manual for a “quiet exploration on the Hudson.” It is a mile-by-mile description of the Hudson’s features that may be of use and interest to sailors and paddlers. Such as, where one might stop to eat, pitch a tent, hand-launch a small boat, etc. The HRWT Guide also includes a suggestion of day and weekend trips from around the New York City area, as well as information about the geology and tide of the river. It is updated periodically.

There are roughly 100 members in the group, and it is currently headed by Lee Goldsmith. A list of their administration can be seen on their facebook.


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