Greg Holochwist

November 15, 2010

Greg Holochwist is the General Manager of the  Newport Yacht Club & Marina, which is Situated on New York Harbor in Jersey City, New Jersey, directly across the Hudson River from downtown Manhattan. Greg’s position consists of  local knowledge and extensive boat expertise, and each member of his team has proven to be an extremely proficient asset to Newport Yacht Club & Marina. They are  devoted to guest satisfaction, and Greg’s staff is excellent at resolving guest inquiries efficiently and courteously.  They are dedicated to consistently maintaining the highest standards of service and quality, as well as ensuring that the marina facilities live up to “world class standards.”  Greg’s personal commitment is that he is confident that anyones visit to Newport Yacht Club & Marina will be as pleasant, safe and enjoyable as possible. As of now Greg says, “The future of the Waterfront isn’t about personalities, or who wins and loses. The future should be all about securing the most economic, social, educational, cultural and ecological benefits for a broad spectrum of residents.” “The Waterfront has terrific potential to be the prime vehicle for spreading prosperity to all segments of the community.”


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