Friends of Hudson River Park

November 15, 2010

Friends of Hudson River park is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the entire Hudson River Park. The Hudson River Park extends from 59th Street to Battery Park on the Hudson. They, along with the Hudson River Park Trust, are also responsible for making sure the park is completed as planned. They work the City and State to obtain land and look over land that is currently run by commercial operations (like Chelsea Piers) to make sure it runs in terms with the park’s land boundaries. They also confirm that park land is not used for other purposes then they dedicate or plan for.
The group was formed in 1999 at a time when the Hudson River Park was beginning to diminish. They obtained money allocated from the City and State to restore the park, but it was not enough to fulfill their development plan. Since then they have secured $200 million of public and private money for the park, but still estimate $140-200 million will be needed to complete the park. Currently the claim the park is 80% completed. The group is adamant in its pursue to create a community-first park. The park regularly holds events and markets open to the public.
The group only lists seven full-time staff on their website because much of their work is in collaboration with other groups. The website also allows donations and offers volunteer opportunities. They disclose a complete annual report that displays every budget and dollar spent. I have walked through that park a bunch of times, but never knew it was an official park that stretched so far.


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